Monday, June 4, 2012


For most of my career I have focused on realism. My semi-scientific mind skirted issues of what seemed like the supernatural. Miracles, and the like, seemed a bit of a stretch. I stayed in the zone, rather than the twilight zone.

A variety of influences, including Bernie Siegel, M.D.'s books persuaded me to venture into "out there." I found that the more I accepted "out there" the  more "out there" answered me back. This relates to my statement of the last year—"There are no coincidences, only endless opportunities and possibilities.

In reality i have known that since 1982. More on my West African adventure on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, don't contemplate your navel. Contemplate the subject of miracles, blessings, angels, and the like, and their influence on your life.

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