Wednesday, May 30, 2012


On Monday I spoke of the quote by Mr Caro: "The power of history is in the end the greatest power."

Unfortunately, for the majority of people historical cess plays a stronger role than historical dam grams. For example, i can remember my loving and warm grandmother showing me those feelings in many ways. But I can also remember the times my parents created cess for me—and my parents were far from abusive! But they were nervous, fearful, shy, self-conscious, and vitally concerned with my safety, health, academics, what others thought, etc. All that amounted to a hysterical historical introduction into the world. And grandma's occasional love, while helpful, was not strong enough to neutralize my parent's daily doses of cess. Nor were my parent's occasional lighter, brighter, funner times sufficient to override their more intense and fear focused over protection.

At several crunch times of my life the power of that history outweighed the power of my more rational mind and my Dam.

This is where counseling and therapy comes in. Slowly, it helps people to distance and disconnect from the power of that history and replace those distorted thoughts and feelings with more accurate assessments of self and others. But it is a slow process and we live in a world at a time when speed is of the essence. So people want to be helped in the time frame of a tweet. Unfortunately, that is not yet possible, even with modern meds or cognitive behavioral tools.

As a result, for many, their histories will be haunting and daunting and in the end the greatest power and force with which they will have to reckon. While validating Mr. Caro's comment on a mindly matters level, that my friends, is sad.

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