Monday, May 14, 2012

My meeting with Bernie Siegel, M.D. could not have gone better. About six weeks ago after we scheduled this meeting I drafted the last chapter for the book for the patient. It is called "On the Making of Miracles." It begins "I met with Bernie Siegel, M.D. on a warm and sunny spring day." Friends who read the chapter asked what I would do if it wasn't a sunny day? My reply was, "Even if it is pouring rain, it will be a sunny day for me, although I'm pretty sure it will be a sunny day." And it was.

We sat in his backyard like two former high school buddies and talked back and forth for one-and-a-half hours. It was non-stop energy and Bernie was on a roll as he gave me a guided tour of his ideas and their origins. "I learned it all by observing my exceptional patients," he said—"especially the ones who weren't supposed to make it but did. They taught me how powerful our minds can be in healing our bodies."

Since publishing "How to Cope Better When Someone You Love Has Cancer," Ronnie and i have taken to wearing purple, especially at cancer related events, as if to match the book. Bernie, an artist, said the color purple symbolized being open to spiritual growth and understanding. And I was.

As we concluded he got up first, his chair had broken and he lost his balance, and was about to fall backwards into his lovely garden. I quickly reached out and steadied him for a moment or two until he regained his balance. It was symbolic of us supporting each other during this empowering meeting. As I was leaving his warm home filled and oozing with love he said, "As long as you wear purple you're welcome back anytime." What a mensch! What a very special sunny spring day!

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