Friday, April 20, 2012

The Ten Commandments of Divorce When You Have Children


1.     Work hard to be cooperative co-parents.
2.     Never, ever say negative things about your former spouse.
3.     Always let your child (ren) know that your love for them will always be there.
4.     If you make a commitment to see/be with your child (ren) keep it—no matter what!
5.     Do not use your child (ren) as a go between or to displace your own angst re your former spouse onto them.
6.     Maintain appropriate communications regarding the child (ren) and always be civil, courteous, and kind.
7.     Participate together in all important child (ren) related decisions and events.
8.     Be flexible regarding visitations, holidays, monies, etc. Just not worth the fight.
9.     Celebrate together whenever possible and never say, “If your father/mother comes, I’m not!”
10. Recognize that despite your other failings as a couple, you have created someone (s) very special who loves you both very much and needs your love back—always and forever.

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