Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Without a keyboard one can be truly lost in today's world. You can click on but you can't respond to.It felt as if I lost my voice!

My family makes fun of me for strongly pounding the keys.They wonder if it is a form of aggression even though I am a peace loving man. It is a form of old habits die young.

What they fail to remember is that I am a Remington/Royal typewriter guy. Though college and grad school I had to pound the keys of my little non-electric typewriters to make sure the print showed. Do you know how many bottles of white out I went through in my academic career? It wasn't till I got to IBM in the late '60's that the first electric selectric typewriters appeared. They allowed for auto corrects and a lighter touch. But I had a secretary back then and never learned the lighter way to type.

So, when my keyboard died last night I bought a new one today, thinking i had killed my old one that had served me well. The new one didn't work either."We cannot find a wireless keyboard," said the message repeatedly. But my Bluetooth mouse was moving like a real one.  Panic time! Please don't ever cut me off from my word dealer as I am a word junkie.

So my tech assistant walked me through many steps by phone, none of which helped. In desperation he said, "Shut off your computer." It would not shut off. It was being as stubborn as a teen in a twit. Finally, I pulled the ultimate switch and pressed the belly button—always scary to mess with. The screen went dark and when I turned it back on, it found the old keyboard in a heartbeat.

This reminded me of my friend, Billy, who once said, "When in doubt take the plug out!" Some times in today's world to turn on we have to turn it off. That's not the way it used to be, but oh well, progress makes for a new world order. Now, if I can only get my audio to play on videos. But, hey, you can't have everything in techno land. At least, my voice came back so I can continue to pound away!

Bye for Now,


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