Tuesday, April 3, 2012


There are no coincidences—just possibilities and opportunities. The not so coincidental linkages in life that I keep running into are amazing, astounding and mind boggling.

Here is but one example. A mutual friend networked me to Harvey, a man battling cancer and I interview him for the next book for cancer patients. We become fast friends over lunch. Unbeknownst to us, he and I have another mutual friend that we both know for over 30 years. But that is only the beginning.

At lunch, he told me about the Weekend of Hope in Stowe VT for cancer patients and their support net. We try to communicate with them as I want to present a workshop without much success. I go and present at a conference in Miami for clinicians and meet one of the committee people from the Stowe weekend and she comes to my talk, likes it, invites me to Stowe, and also gives me an amazing personal story for the book for the patients.

I hope you are still with me as it takes yet another turn. My wife and I meet Harvey and his lovely wife  for dinner as we are all avid travelers. I encourage them to check out the "Modern Day Fairytale" on the cancerville.com website, which shows our daughter's wedding in a Maasai Village in 2009. They, like everyone else, love it and watch it twice. But the twists of this tale don't end there.

Harvey has gone to Stowe VT every year for 40 or more years because he loves it there. He even subscribes to their newspaper—The Stowe Reporter. Yesterday he sent me an article from their March 15, 2012 edition telling that Stowe VT had a fundraiser to help....you guessed it.... the Maasai people.


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