Monday, April 2, 2012


I recently spoke with a lovely lady who told me about her adult granddaughter. She is a successful business woman, determined to teach her young son valuable life lessons.

So her five year old has a "job." Each day, his job is to open the blinds in the morning. For that job she pays him a nickel—a little less than minimum wage! Wait till he finds out. I smell lawsuit!

So great grandma sent him a complimentary note for clean plate club and a dollar. He called her to thank her. He said, "GG (great grandma) thank you so much for the dollar. Do you know that is twenty nickels? Wow, I have to "work" twenty days for that much and you sent that to me all at once. Thank you!" The child has the making of a hedge fund entrepreneur. How much is a billion or two billion dollars in nickels?

We need to teach our children, grand children, and great grand children values instead of feelings of entitlement and this woman has found a simple way to do that and  I applaud her for doing so!

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