Friday, April 27, 2012


for now!

No I didn't follow Bernie's advice and break everything. I just realized for every benefit there are some costs and side effects.

Technoland , on its worst day, is still amazing. It provides opportunities for people, groups, and even nations, never before available. And, no one cares about spelling or punctuation anymore.

When you are struggling with whatever techno problem befalls you, just think that Hitler's Germany would have been quickly defused and demolished had there been email, texts, twitter, etc.

Bernie Siegel, M.D. encourages us to find the blessings surrounding our curses. Being able to enjoy all of the benefits of technology today, more than makes up for the occasional curse—not to mention not having to worry about spelling! Pls thats a blessin untoo itself as i am sure u wl agre.

Now, let's just hope this posts tomorrow, so I am not cursing. Set your alarms to check at 8am.

Bye for Now,


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