Tuesday, March 27, 2012


and another, a month or so ago. It made me think about the importance of ritual as well as the rituals within rituals that occur in all of life's passages. The date of the ritual, from birth to death and all steps in between create anniversaries, which in themselves become rituals. So, in an interesting way, rituals give birth to more rituals

And as a result of rituals we create stories which can be passed along like canapes on a tray, to be consumed and enjoyed. Here is one:

I knew the mother of the bride on Sunday even before she was born. I was probably about 8 when her mother was pregnant. I recall asking my mother  how that happened—"How do woman get pregnant," I asked, always being the curious type. "I'll have to take you to the Museum of Natural History and show you,"she thoughtfully said. Keep in mind these were the sounds of silence '50's. There was no further discussion.

So, for a long time thereafter, I  believed that women went to the museum to become pregnant. Seemed like a silly ritual to me way back then, but the world was a bit naive and perhaps we were all better off.

I must admit to being a bit disappointed when she finally took me to the exhibit at the museum which showed a series of pictures, behind a large glass panel, of the evolution from conception to the birth of a baby. I still didn't know how it all really happened for quite a while. Once I did get the facts of life straight, it seemed like a much better ritual than going to a museum. In fact, to this day I am still not big on museums.

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