Friday, February 3, 2012


In yesterdays blog I referenced glop. Though I have blogged about it before it is time for a refresher course.

I decided several years ago that we people, strong as we may be in certain ways, can be weak wimps, when it comes to temptations. I wanted to find a word that would seem yucky to people—who of us would want to do Glop?

So glop exists on a plate, in a glass, cigarette, drugs, casino, bedroom, and boardroom. Glop follows us around and calls our name. Glop causes wise men and women to do things that are likely to be costly—physically, emotionally, and financially. Glop fills shame and blame accounts rather than pride banks. If you don't believe me just ask ..........too many to mention.

Try your best to block glop from hurting you and your life. Use it as a moral compass in steering your ship. Fill your pride bank and avoid shame and blame entries. Try your very best to do just that.

Bye For Now,


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