Friday, February 10, 2012


Instead of occupying wall street and other such places maybe the 99% should occupy sporting arenas and fields upon which the games of America and other places are played.

Last week I spoke of "fandom." The very next day 70 something people were killed in a riot in a soccer stadium in Spain. Horrible really. It is just a game.

I can;t even imagine what tomorrow's (writing this on 2/4) Superbowl ads will cost.

Then I read about a new Marlin baseball player who was made to cut off his dreadlocks because the team has a grooming code. Seems a little unconstitutional to me, but I'm not a lawyer. However, his 6 year contract with the team is worth...drum roll..106 million dollars. I'd cut off a lot more than my hair for that insane amount of money. Bet you would too.

All the money thrown at athletes, actors, CEO's, and the like seems really silly don't you think? When is enough enough and what will their counterparts be earning in 25 years? Not sure, but hope I am here to find out and get drafted by a major league team. After all, I am a coach.

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