Monday, February 20, 2012


The story by now is quite worn. A person shoots to stardom and achieves fame and fortune. He or she lives the fantasy of just about all.

But something happens along the way that erodes from the dream and ultimately turns it into a nightmare. And so we lose them prematurely; a long list now that has added Ms. Houston's name to a wall of fame and wall of shame—and what a shame it always is.

When I can't explain events I always defer to my cess pool and dam model. I don't know her life, but my guess is that she had too much cess and not enough dam grams to contain them. She, like so many, was likely a wounded warrior, and often no amount of fame and fortune can counter balance that.

Like a songbird she sang, "I Will Always Love You," but the sad part of the story is that she didn't appear to always love herself. May she rest in a peace that she couldn't seem to find here on earth. May others in similar positions learn from these tales of woe.

Bye For Now,


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