Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have always been interested in "fan" addict behavior. People love their teams. They scream and shout, pay outrageous amounts of money for tickets, food and drink, paint their faces silly, buy overpriced jerseys and memorabilia, and stand outside in below freezing weather grilling hotdogs and drinking ice cold beer. I think that is cool—literally and figuratively.

Certainly, all that "fandom" is a healthy release of pent-up emotions—one that millions of Americans will lose come 11p.m. Sunday night—at least for a while. There will be sport substitutions, but they don't seem to evoke as much passion as football, in most instances. Let's face it no one screams or paints their face for the PGA tour.

So, come Monday morning why not root for the real home team—YOU! Get back in shape, or take on a new project or interest, or that Yoga or Pilates class you have been thinking about. Or do just about anything that will add to your life and satisfaction—just no glop! Filling your pride banks is a very important activity that you will likely have more time to do in the months ahead—especially on the weekends. JUST DO IT—just don't paint your face!

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