Monday, January 30, 2012


Last week I wondered and pondered about words that end in ship. It is symptomatic of my asking questions for which no real/clear answer exists.

For example, How many meals have I eaten in my life? or How many times I made love to my wife? How many sessions have I had trying to help people? How many times have I driven back and forth to my home, emailed, or phoned a friend without Regis' permission?

Do you ask similar questions? I hope so because that is a sign of a well-rounded mind or perhaps a lost one, I can't be sure.. All this week I will address this issue.

I hope you will wonder and ponder what I might say. Or maybe you just don't give a darn. Shame on you. You need to get a grip on that which is grip-less.

Bye For Now,


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