Tuesday, January 10, 2012


With protest groups cropping up all over the place let us not forget the locker room. Some days they are quiet, while others are quite vocal. I am a quiet locker room inhabitant, but a keen listener.

When it is all about, "Hey, How are you? See the hot chick on the treadmill?"  it is pretty mild and somewhat boring. But when it is "occupy" my ears perk up.

Naked men can strip the problems down to their bare butts. All comments include the f word. The politicians.... The lawyers..... The corporations and their CEO's!... The docs and /or the insurance companies. The comments are endless and all about every important person/group they can think of in the moment as they dry off.

My take is both all and none of the above. I want to scream it is a good world order, despite the disorder. I want to  say, "chill and own your own stuff!" But I hold my tongue as some of these pontificators are muscular, some are big fat guys, and some have a six pack tonque and I am quiet locker room inhabitant—especially when I am naked!

I am betting on a better world order down the road. Optimism trumps negativity and occupier—dressed or nude.

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