Friday, January 13, 2012

I TOAST TO A YEAR OF SAFER DRIVING (with nonalcoholic sparkling!)

As many of you know one of my few pet peeves is that Floridians are allowed to talk on cell phones, text, check email, and buy things on-line while driving. This is the height of insanity and stupidity—and it is dangerous.

So when I headed for Publix after parking my car I didn't see that the Beamer to my right had a driver inside because of the overly dark window tinting. So as I stepped behind the vehicle it literally leaped out as if fueled by jet propulsion. I was able to do a fast back step like an accomplished square dancer—which I am not unless under life and death pressure.

The tool of a fool at the wheel never noticed that he almost hit me, as I caught a glimpse of him talking away sans seat belt, and sans earpiece, on his cell.

I wish him and all like him a healthy and safe new year—but frankly I doubt that will be the case. These morons will make it a very lucrative year for the attorneys who ultimately represent them.

It is time for our state government to finally wake up, take off their blinders and dark tinting, and pass a law.

I couldn't help but wonder if the guy behind the wheel of the Beamer was an official. Lest you think I jest last week a law enforcement officer was texting while driving and I so wished I caught a pic on my phone—but that would be hypocritical wouldn't it? One needs to stay true to one's pet peeves!

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