Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yesterday, some one made a crack about "crack berrys" referring to our addiction to staring at our phones. I immediately thought that applies to "I candy" too. The latter term used to refer to hot chicks. Now it refers to I phone pics.

Wherever I go people are romancing their phone. They look at them in the middle of dinner, at the gym, in waiting rooms, and just about everywhere and anywhere. I can only hope that lovemaking is spared the stare at a smart phone, simply because it would not be so smart to do that at that sacred and special time. Yet, I am pretty sure some watch virtual porn on their cell phones while they are doing it for real. Or they take video on their smart phones while they are doing it on their beds. Just don't text your Mom in the middle of tangling the sheets. For goodness sakes, what could you possibly say—"Things are coming along fine, how about you?" "Going down now. Call you when I get back up... to the apartment." Crude and rude!

But here is what distresses me. Walking out of Publix last nite (see yesterdays blog) a guy was so intent on his "I candy" that he bumped right into me and so engrossed in its content that he didn't even say he was sorry. Must have been watching porn or the video of his last encounter. I wished I had filmed him bumping into me, but as luck would have it I left my I phone in the car. And even if I had it, figuring out how to video would have taken us right up to breakfast.

In all zones in life there is a balance to be achieved. I sincerely hope you find it soon, if you haven't already. Smart phones are wonderful devices, when used smartly.

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