Monday, January 9, 2012


is an old established idea about people with anxiety. We can go one way or the other—run away or stand our ground!

But I think it goes well beyond that. There are those who fight to overcome and standup to their problems and those who flee, deny them, and allow them to continue. We can be the worst enablers of ourselves in so many areas and in so many ways.

Make it your mission this year to fight to right the balance of your life. Fight to make consistent "pride bank" deposits, while minimizing or eliminating "shame and blame" entries.

Eleven is supposed to be a lucky number. If it wasn't for you, try to make 2012 your strongest, happiest, and most fulfilling year in a long time. Remember the sign in my office: "Never, never, never give up!

Make this year, "DAM STRONG!" You can get a purple bracelet at and the money goes to charity.

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