Thursday, January 26, 2012

App Propo of Tuesday's Blog

App Surd!

Do you want the following apps on your smart phone:

Makes it tun into an electric razor for men or women.

Turns into a continuous vibrator for personal private pleasures.

Sterilizes toilet seats in public places with a spritz.

Grills one hamburger or hot dog.

Turns on lights, TV's, etc. in your home with a flick of the wrist.

Let's you easily eavesdrop on your friend's or neighbor's fights.

Weeds and feeds your grass or lights it.

Sprays a bum at the red light who tries to spray your windshield.

Reads your local newspaper and gives you an executive summary depending on your interests.

Calls special people in your life and says "love you-all is well" without your having to deal with them and their annoying ways.

Instant sobriety test passer-a wake up call.

Turns into a rest room when you are really desperate.

Enables you to pay bills without cash or credit cards by tapping.

The last one is being developed and will be here soon. The others are still in the pilot stage.

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