Saturday, December 31, 2011


and I deserve to be after the grueling five months of editing that has finally birthed a book. And I am not really being lazy as I have been working on the next book.

But here are a few thoughts for you as we head into 2012:

Every New Year offers an opportunity to clear the slate of all the miscues, problems, traumas, and even tragedies and start anew.
Every New Year offers an opportunity to reset those resolutions from last year that slipped by you and/or establish new ones.
Every New Year offers a chance to strengthen family ties and tie a ribbon around those you love.
Every New Year offers opportunities to reach out to old friends or to make some new ones.
Every New Year brings with it hope for health, success, and enjoyment.  AND

Every New Year offers you weeks of writing last year (2011) on your checks and other important papers!

A healthy New Year to all.

Bye for Now,


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