Thursday, November 10, 2011


I went to a "light the night" fundraiser in Rye New York for Jake and Chase and all the many children and people dealing/wrestling/struggling with leukemia and lymphoma.

It was a clear, cool, wonderful night of 4000+ people coming out to support this important cause. It was one of those YES! moments we all need from time-to-time—especially when dealing with cancer.

We all walked for a mile-plus, donated some money, and raised awareness for these difficult and dread diseases. As we felt the ocean breeze coming at us we pushed on through, just like all who have to fight Cancerville—punching back against a formidable foe.

We all carried balloons that had a flashlight contraption attached that blinked a light (to light up the night).  Ours were red signifying supporters. Jake and Chase and many others were white, signifying survivors.

Then there were the gold ones signifying those whose loved ones lost their lives to these diseases. Too many for my taste and comfort. We need to increase the whites and decrease the golds and your donation can help do just that. PLEASE get in step and walk beside us every inch of the way. We need to kill cancer now and all carry white balloons. Hopefully, next year there will be many more whites and many less golds and even more whites the year after that and beyond.

Here is the site. Please go there and give what you can for the good of the cause.

God Bless.

Bye For Now,


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