Monday, November 28, 2011


I look around at people who drive cars. Some appear to be driving for twenty years or even more. Many haven't mastered driving—even the ones who are not texting, tweeting, or talking on the phone.

They go painfully slow when they need to go faster and ridiculously fast when they need to slow it down a bit. They cut me off within millimeters of crashing—just going up University Drive or on the highway.Many seem clueless as to where they are heading and some cross four lanes of traffic to make a turn. They signal randomly seemingly not knowing left from right— those that signal that is. I am sure my experiences are not unique and that you encounter these drivers everyday.

Here is my proposal: Licenses need to be up for renewal every five years and the person needs to take a written test. Fee $100. Good money for the state. Failures must take another written test within 30 days—$150. More money for the state. Failure again demands a driving test. Fee $250.

After age 75 the driver needs to renew each year with both a written and driving test.

Let's face it folks, this is about safety. I am tired of reading about people driving into canals, stores, homes, other cars or people. Safe driving is everyone's business—especially the States. Get it right, or ride a bike, or hitch hike!

As I recently told my sixteen-year-old grandson cars can be lethal weapons. He vehemently disagreed until I cited the national death toll caused by car accidents—50,000 people more or less!

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