Tuesday, November 8, 2011


reads 2 teens shot, 3 jailed in Boca drug deal, cops say. Your mind paints clear pictures of what they all look like. We stereotype well, but stereotypes are often wrong.

The long and the short is that some young adults made counterfeit money on a  Northwood University scanner and used the deceitful dollars to buy $1250 worth of weed. When the dealer realized that he came out shooting with his AK-47 putting two of the three buyers in critical condition. Two of the dealers were freshmen at FAU.

The pictures of the dealers had them looking like white football team players—clean cut crew cut types. Or perhaps they looked like CIA or Marines in training. Stupid is as stupid does and I felt sad for all. Two in critical care and three arrested and six lives ruined over what appears to be a poorly thought out plan on both sides. An honest dollar is worth $10 or maybe $100 or more compared to dirty deals and gun slinging drug dealers. Don't they teach that in college? Must be an app for that or is it that video games rule? I found it all most distressing. I'm sure you did too.

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