Thursday, November 17, 2011


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Content preview:  С¶î´û¿î¡¢ÎÞµ£±£¡¢ÎÞµÖѺ´û¿î ÎÞµÖѺ´û¿î,6.12%³¬µÍÀûÂÊ,×î¿ì1ÈÕ¼´¿É·Å¿î,רҵÒøÐдû¿î,×î¸ß¿É´û30Íò
   ÎÞµÖѺÎÞµ£±££¬Ãż÷µÍ£¡ ×î¿ì1Ììµ½ÕË£¬ÂíÉÏ°ì. 6.12%³¬µÍÀûÂÊ,×î¸ß¿É´û30Íò,×î¿ì1ÈÕ¼´¿É·Å¿î
   6.12%³¬µÍÀûÂÊ,×î¸ß¿É´û30Íò,×î¿ì1ÈÕ¼´¿É·Å¿î 6.12%³¬µÍÀûÂÊ,×î¸ß¿É´û30Íò,×î¿ì1ÈÕ¼´¿É·Å¿î
   6.12%³¬µÍÀûÂÊ,×î¸ß¿É´û30Íò,×î¿ì1ÈÕ¼´¿É·Å¿î 6.12%³¬µÍÀûÂÊ,×î¸ß¿É´û30Íò,×î¿ì1ÈÕ¼´¿É·Å¿î

Content analysis details:   (8.3 points, 5.0 required)

Do you get these emails or only me and a couple of others? I think it is either from a woman who loves me or a company selling Viagra. Or, perhaps it is from a woman who worries I need Viagra.

NO worries! I neither need a woman who loves me (already have one), nor Viagra. Please go ÀûÂÊ,×î¸ß¿É´û30Íò,×î¿ì1ÈÕ¼´¿É·Å¿î. Hope you can translate that!

Bye For Now,


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