Friday, November 25, 2011


to the gratitude you felt on Thursday for all the good things in your life, despite the not so good things.

Life is a balance beam. We need to hold on to the good while letting go of the bad. That helps us  balance. There were empty chairs at our table this year, but we accepted that as LIFE and sadly— death.

Life is not an easy thing to do—ever—and from time to time we all get dealt lousy cards. Robert Louis Stevenson said it best when he remarked, "Life is not so much a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes of playing a poor hand well." I encourage you to play those hands like a poker pro and still focus on the good that sits right beside the not so good. Feel grateful for the former and will the latter away ASAP.

May the "river" be kind!

Bye For Now,


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