Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When we were in NYC for the leukemia/lymphoma walk we visited the World Trade Center site.

Inspirational as that walk was, so was this walk. They are rebuilding—3000 workers a day—12,000 visitors a day. Giant cranes in all directions. Buildings sprouting in all directions like beanstalks.

So far it all looks beautiful, sensitive, and commemorative. Two beautiful large fountains have the names of all those lost that fateful day, etched into their  black marble granite facade. The fountains flow into a deep, dark, seemingly never-ending hole. The one "last standing" tree remains forever memorializing the people who sacrificed their lives on 9/11. Seven buildings are in process amid a grass and concrete mall where soon people will walk, talk, eat lunch, drink coffee, and pray. Children will run and play there, where once only soot, ash, and pain remained.

It took a while, as do all major accomplishments, but soon that large empty space will be back and fully filled—and so will we be filled with pride. Let one or more MFers mess with us and we will take them down just as we did after 9/11. Just as was said after the holocaust—NEVER AGAIN! on our soil—NEVER.

The nice part was that there were people speaking just about every language in the world waiting on the line and wandering the space. But, there were no people of middle-eastern descent that I saw. Frankly, I understand their fears, but hope, in time, they will come. This is America. We forgive; we try hard not to judge the innocent, but we never forget the guilty. If you are among the latter stay far away; if you are among the former come back as we need all the support we can muster— and so do you!

God blesses America.

Bye for Now,


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