Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I am fascinated at the New World Order and its special lexicon:

LOL--Do u think all who use that really did?

The word okay got shortened to ok somewhere along the line. Now k says it all. We people seem to have a need to shorten everything. Someday the dictionary will be called dict or dic and then D or d and some in the future will say what is a dictionary?

BTW(by the way) and BYM(between you and me and OMG and so many others will replace human language and we will spend much of our time emailing,tweeting, texting and facebooking letters instead of words.What will books and magazines or ezines look like? Will anyone care about punctuation? At that time what will English 101 teach?  Abbreviations?

Have a HD(happy day) and BW(be well).

B F N,


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