Friday, October 14, 2011


This blog continues yesterday's.

I had a couple or three incidents this summer that were very frustrating. The common denominator was that people I had paid significant money to had let me down. I don't suffer inequity gladly or well. I went to war—a quiet war of sensible words and rational arguments.

In all cases I lost round one and even two. You might just be hearing the music from Rocky in the back of your mind. I "shlepped" up and down those "steps" and followed the sign in my office that reads, "Never Never Never Give Up!"

I won my battles in the third round all the while being realistically optimistic that I would.

Justice ultimately prevails—not immediately but often when we persevere in a logical and rational way. Solving problems in today's world is not always simple or clear cut. But slow and steady usually wins the race in the long run.

If it is realistic approach all of your struggles and life battles optimistically. It allows you to be less stressed and more powerful. The more powerful you feel the more likely you will be to prevail.

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