Friday, October 7, 2011


I am really trying hard to relate and to understand this whole new world of the book in your face.

It helps to make friends and to share info and pics. I get that.  But what about all the people on my page who i don't know?  Who are you and what are you doing on my page?And what about all the info on my page that I don't really care that much about? And what am I supposed to be writing about?

Someone should write a book called, "Facebook for Real Dummies," or Fodors Guide to Facebook—2011. I would buy and read them and then know how to behave in this strange new land.

Here is my commitment: I will figure this out and I will post meaningful and significant news and I will tell you every time I take a nap simply because I don't do naps! And I don't really care if/when you do, so please spare me/us that news.

This is all very draining.  I need to rest—but no nap! Of that I am certain. Well, maybe I am taking a nap right now. You will never know for sure.  HA!

Bye For Now,


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