Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Does anyone really care about Columbus Day other than as a retail promotional event. I mean I never ever heard anyone say, "I can't wait for Columbus Day to come." And I seriously doubt whether people were walking around yesterday excited or thinking about Chris with fond admiration.

Actually the way I remember the story Leif Ericson got here first. Not only that but Spain's crown got ticked off at him  and at one point had him arrested. He and his heirs fought with the Spanish government to get his rightful due. So when you put all that together why do we still celebrate, venerate, and honor him?

I vote that we repeal Columbus Day and replace it with some more important person like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs or Mickey Mantle. At least we know who they are and what they contributed to the world.

Goodbye Columbus!

Bye For Now,


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