Monday, September 26, 2011


Ducks that is. When I was walking in the park the other day I passed 20-30 ducks all scurrying from near the small lake toward a car that had just pulled into a parking spot facing the lake. I wondered why the "herd" was stampeding. Then I got it. I realized that "Jimmy or Johnny is here" had spread through the neighborhood. As the word got out more ducks appeared from all corners of the park.

Obviously he is a regular "feeder" and Pavlovian conditioning being what it is the ducks know his car. Sure enough as he got out he carried a plastic container filled with bread or crumbs or some combination. He was the pied piper and they were his friends. It was an interesting and enlightening moment all at once. Nice to know that ducks do not bite the hand that feeds them—they waddle as fast as they can toward those hands and that car.

Be nice if we could learn that simple lesson too.

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