Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I don't go to movies very often, but did see Moneyball last night. It was worth the price of admission. Set in the field of dreams it is as much about playing the game of life as it is about playing baseball. It is about winning and losing and how we deal with our failures and how we set our sights on succeeding. It is about spirit vs. science and humanness vs. technology;it is about playing the game and about gaming the play! It is also about not staying stuck in the safe ruts of life, but also taking risks and chances and stretching— even in unconventional ways.

I think what it was really about is the need to balance out the yin and yang of life to a reasonable extent and make decisions that are not solely based on greed and the need to make a run or two on the scoreboard of our lives, regardless of the consequences.It is about pride bank deposits vs. piggy bank ones—Moneyball is not really about money at all—it is, at the end of the game, about how we live our lives!

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