Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was finally forced to join facebook in order to have a cancerville facebook page.

Now I have "friends" of people all over who I don't know. I haven't a clue who they are and I never accepted their friendship, but somehow we are now buddies for life. I don't even recognize their pictures, let alone those of their grand kids, etc. Oh what a cute puppy doing a trick. Who cares? Now I am learning about the details of these stranger's lives. Soon I will feel like part of their family. But what if I don't want to be involved? My mother taught me never to talk to strangers.

There are times in our techno world where one can feel more alone and estranged than when friends were people you called on the phone, met for lunch or invited over for some wine and cheese. The only words I will probably ever post on my personal facebook page are, "I don't really care if you are taking a nap." Wonder how many friends I will have then?

I think I need a nap—but please don't spread that around. Let's just keep it between you and me and not tell the 631 friends you have on facebook.

Bye For Now,


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