Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have always been aware of the fragile perch on which we all sit. I was taught about it early on and then had it validated when my father died at age 49 and my father-in-law at 51 and my cousins at 33,39, 40 and on and on and on.

And on! Having just dealt with a fifth loss of a close person since January I am beginning to overdose on death. I would appreciate a break for a while so I can reestablish my denial mechanisms, think happier thoughts and stop having to say goodbye—at least for a while.

But the message for us all is critically important. We certainly all could  take better care of ourselves and also try to find some peaceful, pleasant, positive time  and give it to ourselves as a gift. Because a) we deserve it, b) we tend to be stingy with ourselves even in simple "gifts", c) we just never know what's coming around the corner and d)all of the above.

Do something special just for you today. Call it payback for all you do for others. You have earned it!

Bye For Now,


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