Monday, August 1, 2011


My wife and I spend just about every day polishing the book. By now you would think the print would have been rubbed off the pages. Yet, each run through finds more ways to prune and weed my garden of words. Soon, flowers will grow tall amid the words and they will be ready for prime time. It is better to take one's time and get it right, than write hurriedly and publish a mess.

This is really a metaphor for our lives. No matter what we strive to do, it takes time and energy to perfect. We need to hone our skills and sharpen our talents. Nothing that is worth happening comes easy. It does not need to be perfect, but it needs to be right.

I encourage you to commit and be prepared to recommit to your goals. Whether they are to write a book, read one, lose 10 pounds, learn a new skill or language doesn't matter. What matters is that you keep at it until you reach your goal and are satisfied with the outcome.

What also matters to me is that blogs don't need to be edited. For that reason alone I am back! Hurray.

Bye For Now,


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