Thursday, August 11, 2011


I want to thank Linda for her kind words posted not so anonymously on yesterdays blog.I was touched that she would feel so strongly about my help and assistance after all of these years. Thank you for a powerful pride bank deposit.I am pleased that I was able to be there for you at an important time and that you are doing well.I hope my words continue to go with you.

I strive to do that for all of the people who have crossed my path over all these forty odd—some very odd—years.Early on, I realized that in helping people I needed to be "all in!" Unhappy, anxious, and confused people need a strong hand and voice of support to help them dig themselves out of the holes they have dug and back onto level ground. It is not just about throwing them a shovel; it is about two shovels digging together to get them out of that hole ASAP.

Some people have asked how I could have done this all these years and maintained myself.So many in my profession burn out in half the time or less. Fortunately, I never did and still enjoy helping others. I'm not really sure how I have done it, but really happy that I have done it. There is no greater gift than in reaching out and helping a person in need.

What I have done and still do applies to you in whatever you do. Try your best to do your best.The bottom line is not always about the bottom line. At the end of the day pride bank deposits trump piggy bank deposits everyday of the week. Giving is not only its own reward, but always comes back to pay emotional dividends in one way or another, such as this lovely and unexpected email. I thank you for that, Linda, most sincerely, humbly, and gratefully.

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