Friday, August 12, 2011


In an unanticipated way I received a couple of more pride bank deposits today.NICE!

What this shows is that kindness and being there in a helpful way for others is its own reward. I firmly believe that all people that stretch and reach out in a kind and gentle way that shows their caring, commitment to doing good deeds and going above and beyond, receive multiple rewards.

For example, take a simple job like being a server in a restaurant. You can be like the one we had tonight who dashed away as soon as the glass or plate heavily hit the table.... Oh, Miss, MISS, Hello!..... Or you can be warmer and wait a split second and say something like, "How else can I be of help?" Guaranteed you will get a larger tip; equally important you will represent your owners well and leave a favorable impression about the establishment. And you will have done your job excellently and feel the pride bank deposit of that. In addition,people might ask for you the next time they dine adding even more to your pride bank and your piggy bank.

So in whatever you do try to do it better and strive to reach out in ways that leave a lasting impression on satisfied customers, clients and even more importantly family and friends.The harder you try, the easier it gets and the more dividends you reap. It is a simple formula and I encourage you to follow it.

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