Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As you know I go hot and sometimes a little cold on our techno world. But, when someone who needed a little support texted me on Saturday night I, once again, realized the value that our New World Order of communications, bring to our tables.

In the old days, that person on a Saturday eve would have called my office number and hopefully, the answering service would have picked up. They would have taken a message and possibly gotten the person's phone number correct. Then, they would try to find me and hopefully, I was home or remembered to take my pager and to change the battery. Then , if I was out, i would have to find a phone and a quarter. Voila, an hour plus later the person might have heard back from me. Maybe. Or maybe Sunday. Maybe never,if it was a new person calling and they mixed up the phone number.It happened many times.

Now, I see the text, respond and we easily go back and forth for a few minutes. My support helps, I receive a thank you message and we go on our way.

Wowy kaflowy! That, my friends, is progress. I just can't help but wonder what further innovations lie ahead. It seems like there can be no more, but there always are new ones coming down the line. It is a great time to be alive. Remember and appreciate that--every day--even when your computer is down, you have too many spam emails and your text is from someone from whom you don't want to hear.

Sorry, my cell phone is ringing. Gotta go.

Bye for Now,


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