Friday, June 24, 2011


Long before airlines charged for every detail, I predicted that they would soon charge to use the rest room on a plane. People laughed at me. "Don't be ridiculous," they said. Then, that cheapo airline in England, Ryan Air, said that was in their business plan, but it pooped out for unknown reasons.

Today, Spirit announced a $5 fee for those who need their boarding passes printed at the airport. Very soon they will charge a toll for access to the airport, a security check fee, money for the walk to the boarding gate as well as a seat there, check in, using the jet way and YES, the bathroom. There will also be a charge for bringing on your own food or drink.

There will also be a fee for the life preserver, whether you use it or not or even know where it is. Actually, double if you use it. They will also auction off the one soiled pillow and blanket available. Perhaps there will be a general use fee for the bathroom, double if you actually use it and triple if you do doo doo.You can always white lie and punch in "peepee" on the bathroom controller computer. Or is that a yellow lie?

It is just getting so confusing to fly. Better not to go (if you get what I mean)! Don't even ask about the mile high club. You can't afford it.

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