Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In my 5/24 blog, I mentioned the work of DR. Leon Festinger in the area of cognitive dissonance. Go back to that if you care.

His theory predicts that those who specify a date that the world will end and face the reality that it didn't happen, will strengthen their views, rather than give them up. Pastor Camping initially said it was a terrible weekend, when the world didn't end on my son's birthday,Saturday May 21. Then he fell right in line with cog diss theory.

Now, it will happen in October, according to Mr.Camping. His beliefs survived the May maybe not events, just as Leon predicted. The question is will all those who gave up their jobs and homes survive. Hopefully, they can go camping till October. I hope he will lend them a tent. Stay tuned.

Bye for Now,


PS Enjoy yourself from now till then as everything goes downhill (or is it uphill?) after then.

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