Friday, June 10, 2011


I want you to send this to every VIP you know. Please forward this blog to Politicians, Hollywood or Bollywood movie stars, Athletes, Rock Stars, CEOs, University Presidents and the like. Please do not send to those who already have failed the litmus test of understanding life, technology and propriety in the 21st century. Do not send this to a once famous golfer who can't seem to make his putts, ever since he became one.

Now hear this all remaining unblemished VIPs( not many of you left sad to say!): In our techno world there is little privacy and even less secrecy. Everything, and I mean everything is subject to scrutiny. Taking a pic of your privates and sending them off is just not good for business, other than monkey business.It doesn't even seem to work well there.Just ask what's his name who exposes state secrets around the world, while exposing himself. Life is just not fair in so many ways.

Therefore, sending naked pictures to innocent others, seducing twits(or is it twats?) via twitter ( or is it twatter?), soliciting sex from high profile and high charging prostitutes, having sex and babies with fat and ugly employees or raping chamber maids much too close to airplane takeoff times,is dangerous to your health, happiness and harmonious relationships with your spouse, employee, political party or d) all of the above. Unless your wife is French, in which case she says, "Right on bro! Isn't mon cher chaud?" In my next life I may just marry a French woman!

Expose your privates in any way and many will do their best to whack them off.It is a slam dunk that provides fodder for the late night comedians. They wait for your improprieties to shove them up your you know what.

Furthermore,try to learn from those hormonally charged people who have "come" before you in the literal and figurative sense. Please help me understand what you don't understand about leaving a virtual or DNA trail or both? I want to help you so that in the future you can spare your loved ones and yourself the tears of guilt and tears of the heart.

For all of you who play by the rules, fill your pride banks and don't ever become a VIP. I think there is a computer virus there that takes otherwise sane, rational, intelligent and seemingly well meaning people and turns them into, well, "weiners" of one kind or another. I don't think I can bring myself to eat a hotdog ever again.

Bye For Now,


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