Monday, June 13, 2011


I received some flack about my Friday "weiny world" post. I also received some pretty racy pictures, mostly from republicans.Obviously, they wanted equal time. Seriously, I was not speaking to the morality of it all. Since civilization began, indiscretions have been part of the non-digital picture. It is Adam and Eve, id vs. superego, all the time and forever after.

I was railing about what smart people don't know about smart devices. Simply stated, they remember what many not so smart people would rather forget.

So once again, let me repeat that there are no secrets anymore. Everything pubic is public. The old saying was, "What's on his/her lung is on his/her tongue." Now it is, "What is on a server never disappears and may not serve you well."

So here are the new "rules" for 2011 and beyond:

No emails, texts or twits that u don't want everyone (including your Mom) to read.

No naked or partially clad pictures of yourself or others put out there.

No solicitation unless it is for a political or charitable contribution. In this case, charity does NOT begin at home, Governator.

No words exchanged that could embarrass you or cause you shame.

Private communications in private settings ONLY.

This is not rocket science. This is an effort to keep your rocket from crashing and burning, not to mention your "weiner."

Bye For Now,


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