Monday, May 2, 2011


Mimi G was a special woman in so many ways. She religiously read my blogs and was the only one, best as I know, who responded to them from time to time.

Mimi was a kind-hearted person. When she read my blog about Haiti having seemingly been forgotten, she organized a clothing drive and send tons of stuff to that beleaguered country. She always identified with the underdog. She always gave of herself, tirelessly.She never expected anything in return.

In that same spirit she took on the director title of the Tranquility Center at our office. She earned no money, but gave of herself to so many in so many ways.

Years ago, Mimi introduced me to the Youth Automotive Training Center ( where I have volunteered for 20+ years.If she wasn't doing good herself she was inspiring others to do that too.She always meant well and tried to do well.

She was an important employee of the prison system for many years and so many other organizations where she gave and contributed her all.

Mimi was a candle burning brightly,doing good or trying to wherever she went. Sadly, her candle went out last week suddenly and unexpectedly. She will be missed by all who knew her. She will be impossible to replace.She was one of a kind in so many ways!

Somewhere, a candle still burns brightly as she takes on her new role as angel of mercy and goodness in Heaven. Well, perhaps not a new role as she practiced for it all of her life.

Bye For Now,



  1. I only knew Mimi for a short time, but during that time I was able to observe the same warm and caring spirit that you describe. She was kind and funny and thoughtful and I wish I could have had the opportunity to get to know her better. My thoughts go out to her family.


  2. so sorry for her loss.
    she touched alot of people with her gentle caring, upbeat, loving way. she was always to the first to extend a warm loving heart. she will be greatly missed. she brought the feminine to the office. beautified, delighted, inspired and enriched whatever she did. she will be missed. my condolences to her family.