Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yesterday was Memorial Day to honor and respect all those who have given their life, trying to represent and protect the safety of our country.Thank you and your families for your sacrifices.We asked much too much of you.

I think today we should remember all those who Mother Nature took from us recently and randomly, for no good reason whatsoever!

It had been a tough and rough time for Japan, Joplin, all over Alabama and other southern and mid-western states that suffered devastating loses.OMG!How strong do the winds blow?

We send our kids off to school, clean our homes, drive along without a care and with a text in progress, or lie down at night ASSUMING the best. Sometimes, for no reason I can figure,she, undeservedly, gives out the worst of the worst. That Mother can be a....bitch!

Mother nature is a beautiful woman who I respect for all she has contributed to our great land. BUT, every so often she can punish people for no reason whatsoever. It is very hard to figure out. It makes no sense really, nor does our assumption that it won't happen to us. Yet, we can optimistically, assume that it won't!

Go in peace and safety and take a moment to remember those who were not so fortunate.

Bye For Now,


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