Sunday, May 1, 2011


those totally obnoxious ads from T-Mobile that are flooding the airwaves. There are phones being thrown away on a ski lift, "Hi Mom, In Your Face," by an Asian guy, a stereotypical pretty dumb gal in a pink outfit from TJMaxx and a fast talking dude who says absolutely nothing worthwhile, very quickly. Dumb and dumber pink lady says, "What he says" or something like that. These must be appealing to and working for our disenfranchised youth.

Better we should talk about all of those wonderful, high potential,going to make the world a much better place youngsters.In them I have hope. Take that as a sign of even more good things to come in our lives.All of them will go with AT&T.

Personally, if I was a T-Mobile user, I would NOT throw away the phone. But I would throw away the service immediately and tell them, "In your face!" Perhaps, I am just getting older.

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