Monday, May 30, 2011


I heard a TV news anchor end last night's broadcast by saying, "Have a happy Memorial Day."

That sounded really weird to me. How can a day of remembering soldiers killed on the front lines of battle be happy? It would be like wishing a Jewish person to have "A really great Yom Kippur"--the holiest holiday and day of atonement for all sins made during the past year, for which religious Jews fast for 24 hours.You might say, "Have an easy fast" but not a great day.

Similarly, have an easy, but poignant day, remembering all the young blood shed in all past wars and most especially and painfully those since 9/11. War has always been harsh, but seems so out of place in our seemingly evolved times. Isn't it time we found other ways to resolve conflicts among nations or for that matter,between family and friends?

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