Monday, May 23, 2011


Every so often,seemingly intelligent people, predict that our world is ending on....

I resented that this time they picked my son David's birthday.Give the man a break!

In addition, I resented that they picked a Saturday. Let us enjoy the weekend and blow us to smithereens on a Monday at 8:02 am so that my loyal readers can read my blog at 8:00 A.M.,before they move on.

What would my blog say on that fated day, I wondered? Bullshit! Go to work. The world is not ending. In fact, it is just beginning. God doesn't want to lose us. He or she just wants to guide us toward more healthy times.There is no need to destroy us to teach the few that don't yet get it. Focus on the Governator and the IMF super stud star. Please leave the rest of us, whose pants are zippered and skirts are on, alone.

The most awful thing about these ridiculous predictions is that it causes people to see those good and loyal Christians (or whatever religion) in a negative light. Please try to separate the true believers from the true deceivers. Fortunately, though the latter get media attention, they are in the minority.

More tomorrow.

Bye for Now,


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