Friday, April 22, 2011


My wife chains me to the couch so I will watch Idol with her. I'm just not a TV kind of guy. Thank goodness she agreed with America tonight so she quickly unlocked me to watch the Heat game. I don;t watch sports till the finale.

I was thinking that although Simon Scowl was mostly right in his assessments, his cold, cruel, critical feedback hurt. It reminded me of a parent who is abusive and damages fragile egos while teaching them right from wrong. At the end of the day it is wrong to teach right by might!

Idol is now a gentler, warmer, kinder show. The judges make their points when needed, but in a warmer, more encouraging way. Instead of stepping on these young flowers, they water and fertilize them, letting the sun shine in.

I believe this is a metaphor for life and our dealings with others. Be kind and gentle. Care. Give feedback softly and sensitively. And by all means, let the sun shine in.

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