Monday, April 11, 2011


I believe we should hug more and hurt less. I kinda think that hugs have gone the way of pay phone calls in too many cases. Why hug when you can facebook. Well, because all media interactions are cold and all human ones have the potential for warmth. A text or a tweet is not a face to face feeling of connection. It is a lame link on a cold day.

What are the barriers to hugging I wonder? I believe it is a lot about sexual issues. if men hug they feel a little weird, aka as homophobic. Women to women do it better, but there is often the pat, pat, pat on the back to neutralize the feeling tone. Man to women hugs have to be cautiously calculated, especially in a "harassment"oriented world. There is always the worry about too much of a hug being, well, much too much.

You know what I think. Hug the ones you love with enthusiasm and the rest with warm, but boundered restraint. But, hug someone everyday in some way and you will feel a lot better.If you have no one to hug then I suggest you find someone or do it mentally.Or hug yourself. Believe me when I say your arms will reach.

Reach out and hug someone with your arms or your words or your eyes. Or just embrace the world in a kind and loving way.Any which way you do it you will feel better when you do.

More tomorrow.

Huggingly yours,


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