Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Passover and Easter to all. There are so many parallels between the two religions. How different is the last supper and the supper that celebrates the Jewish people's escape from slavery in Egypt? In both we eat heartily, drink some wine, say some prayers and enjoy the company of family and friends.

I think both holidays and celebrations speak to freedom, religious and otherwise. This is an important goal that is being sought and fought for all over the world. Heroic people in Africa and the Middle East are pursuing their freedom, democracy and a higher standard of living. Demagogues take most with little regard for their citizens who get the least. The people of countries as diverse as China, Venezuela, Libya and N. Korea struggle to right their imbalances.Between Mother Nature and Mother and Father Dictators we live in turbulent times.

Jews, all over the world, say,"Next year in Jerusalem," at their Seder.I say that as well as, "Next year in Democracy," for all who want that. It is about time that we all lived in peace and harmony, where people all over the world were treated fairly and allowed to have a chance to be free and not enslaved as the Jews were all those years ago.

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